Half Link Chain??

Whats are there benfits? Are they appropriate to use on the track?

do a search

I don’t know of any benefits, but some say they stretch and ruin drive trains quickly etc.

The only advantage of a half-link chain that I can think of is on a frame with vertical drops, where you’ll double your chances of finding a ‘magic’ gear combo. Of course, that ‘magic’ gear combo will only have good chain tension for half as long, because you’ll also have double the chain ‘stretch’. A half-link chain should also help you get good chain tension on a frame with short horizontal drops.

so in short, they are a waste of time>?

i was going to pick one up, as i want to shorten my chain bringing the rear wheel closer to the seat tube, however, having to take 2 links out of a normal chain makes its too short, so taking one link out of a half link would get it spot on.

They’re also weaker than a cat.