Halloween Black *alley* Cats CMWC Fundraiser SOTB Meow

Flagstaff Gardens 6:30PM

Friday 31st October aka All Hallows Eve.

Quick City Whip.

Facepaint Supplied. Maybe Mandatory.

Costumes/clothes optional.

6.66 dollars ENTRY TO HELL.

All proceeds going to CMWC2015.

Will be much funs. I don’t actually like perpetuating American traditions here but I want an excuse to paint peoples faces.


Fame AND Glory. Mostly. Maybe ca$h prize.

I found some CMWC shirts stashed away from the 'Merica limited run so come race your guts out.

Pending Art.

Internet Social Networking Website Page.

Clothes optional ey?

If i win will you make me a bike oTai?