Halp! hope ss hub setup with gears

Long time reader first time poster. Struggling to find answers in a sea of forums.

I’m trying to setup my Hope 2 SS hub with gears. From what I can see I can make it between 1x6 and 1x8… ?
I currently have a SLX CS-HG81-10 sprocket, not sure if it will fit on the hub though because it splits as 36, 32, 28 // 24, 21, 19, 17, 15, // 13 // 11.

Also have a deore XT rear derailleur.

anyone else done this before? (have i missed the thread where all this is already answered)
Will it work with this sprocket ?
What options might i have for a shifter ? Could be tempted to go with friction on a thumby if it will help weird shifting ranges.


I considered doing this with my CK hub with an XT casd. But couldn’t be bothered. Have heard from Tris on here that if shits poorly due to derailluer not tracking cogs well.

Other option is a low end cassette with all loose cogs so can do any combo but they will notch freehub body or 4 wider based SS cogs and ride it like a SS with occasional gear changes.

Maybe ask Reuben what he was running on his Scott a while back? From memory it was 7 or 8sp on the same hub.

I’ve done it on a hope hub. I could fit 6 from 9. You might be able to do 7 from 10, but I can’t say for sure…

I’d use the middle block and the 13t from that SLX cassette.

You have to use the same block of cogs to get decent shifting… You can’t mix and match across a cassette because the timing between gears will be off and you’ll get really poor shifting.