Some dude designed, crafted and baked the carbon and boom!
Wicked looking build, you’d wanna be spot on with seat height :-o


Very niiicee!

some people are just freaks/diy experts

Anyone found the details of this?

Love to know if it’s hollow or built around a core.

Best thing to come out of the fgg in a long time

yeh, saw this yesterday too and was intrigued, more of the lack of seat tube? I guess all the carbon wrapped would mean he wouldnt need one?

I like how the seat is connected to the bike itself. Just wondering is this an expensive process and how is it done?

that’s is one hot bike

quite common on more expensive TT bikes…

And 1940’s French bikes made for the Technical Trials…

Not expensive per se, just a long seat tube extension when building the frame.

happening more and more on high end road bikes / track bikes / those bikes what nik mentioned. apparently better aero properties - very important when dealing with the mid-life crisis market.

though i’m yet to see a missing seat tube in the open market - unless we’re talking Softrides, which we most definitely are not - probably because, well, they’re kinda important.

Kestrels were famous for it and still do one:

Also there are still fans of the zip 2001 for its aero benefits, neither are UCI legal of course.

ah, yes, i forgot those kestrels. now i remember why i forgot them.

And if it was only a fixed gear bike.

What like this, lots of tri bikes use horizontal rear facing dropouts, maybe old skool tri is the new fixed…

that’s all good and well but who the fuck thought “OH GEE I’ll stand this crazy bike on nannas bed to take a photo of it!!! cant think of anywhere more fitting YEAH!!! 8-)”

the scary thing is that its probably not nannas bed, but in fact their own bed. as brendan said… mid-life crisis market.

“Honey, get your bike off the bed and go pick the kids up from soccer”

“Yes dear”.

hmm, i could probably build a carbon bike (i’ve got a bit of experience boat building with carbon), but no way would i trust it.
carbon is not friendly when it breaks

Wouldn’t you need a seat tube for strength…?

I have no idea how strong carbon is.