happy birthday gene


Happy birthday!

it’s tomorrow…



quick brenno, delete the thread and he’ll never know.

no one tell him and it’ll be like a surprise b’day for him tomorrow, EVERYONE HIDE!!!

Yeh happy birthday gene!

and here’s me thinking this thread would be about a new discovery in reproductive science :o

Happy birthday! Yeah!

Wow. Brendan used the shift key.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Perhaps auto-complete on a smartphone?

HB!, i bought you some wheel bags :wink:

I will use Dude in a sentence at least 10x today as a tribute to the birth of the rebirth of spicolli as a the most awesomely skinny barista/beer nut/bike racer.

Oh My Dude!

I just walked in to one of my boss’s office and yelled DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEE to celebrate your birthday.

Lucky they had their phone on mute.

Happy Birthday BRO!!!..dude.