Happy Friday! Here's 2500 MS-DOS games you can play online

2,400 MS-DOS Games Are Now Free Online (Some of Them Are Porn)


so much there. leisure suit larry, castle adventure, commander keen, karateka, oregon trail, prince of persia, simcity, scorched earth, lemmings, carmen sandiego…OH SHIT Prehistorik 2!!

and so many CGA games I used to play on our 286, bouncing babies, alley cat…

Taking a sickie tomorrow

Get in quick before Archive.org get issued DMCA takedown. Still not Monkey Island tho.

sexonix was fun


This is too much :0

oh man, i do not need this in my life!

loads wolfenstein 3d

downloaded and played this start to fin a couple of months ago. So good.

some of it’s almost like muscle memory! i have no idea how i managed to get to the end of the first two stages without really paying any attention to where i was. i guess the dead bodies were a giveaway in terms of where i’d been…