happy friday.


that is freakin hilarious! juvenile, and stupid, but hilarious!

Awesome !!!

Encino man, killer! Other one’s not so much. I’ve met so many Pauly Shaw haters over time , WTF is with that?

I’m not sure, they were my ex’s subs. And he was REALLY into subs and amps. I think they’re pretty good.


Brendan thank you,
My week was shitty till now.
Squeeze the juice bu dy

Brendan, I knew there was a reason I liked you.


This is some of the funniest set up shit since David Thorne.


I could spend hours on this site!

This is amaze. xbbx thank you

This made my night.

My shit is lost.

Best tumblr since textfromdog

and now I am late for Uni

opted to miss a lecture to read that, and it was definitely the correct decision

Man, that black eyed peas one…