Has anyone here done their knee,

…And continued to ride fixed after physio / rehab and so forth?

I dislocated my knee pretty badly last Monday night while I was on tour with my band and I’m going to see the specialist today to get the verdict on how long I’ll be out for.

How long was it before you were riding again or did you stick to freewheels afterwards…

Kinda shitty first post really, haha.


I’ve got pretty bad knees myself I find that fixed isn’t to harsh on the knees. Though riding without brakes a bit painful so I had to get a clamp on brakes (Keirin style), but I find a long stint on the roadie actually causes more discomfort.

Mate there’s too many variables to answer this question with any sort of accurate diagnosis.

The type and severity of the dislocation.
How old you are.
How healthy you are.
How much riding you do.
The type and amount of pain control you’re taking.
How long you want to be walking/riding for WITHOUT taking pain control.

Also, what does riding fixed mean to you? Why ride fixed as apposed to SS or geared. We all know the theories of riding fixed putting greater stresses on the knee.

Don’t over-do the rehab TOO much.
Listen to your physio/specialist, they know best.


I’m 20, ride about 50k’s a day and I’m in good physical health.

You’re right we all know about the extra stress on knees I’m just interested if anyone has had personal experience.

Thanks though dude, it does come down to my descision in the end.

If you’re going to continue riding fixed, definitely run a front brake. Saves the legs on the downhills for sure.

Fair enough. The only time I rode with a stuffed knee was about 10 years ago when I had a shit landing on a motor bike and took most of my body weight on the one leg. It took about two weeks for the pain to go away before I could ride the mountain bike with any sort of comfort.
That situation wasn’t from a dislocation though, so I guess you should be expecting at least 4-6 weeks at the outside.

Good luck :slight_smile:

my knee gave me a hell on a few saturday morning rides there for a while. with stretching and some exercises suggested by rogaine it got better, but it flared up again last week.

I had a knee reconstruction 5 years ago… cycling has been the best rehab for me.

I agree with the others, brakeless riding is the hardest on my knees.

What type of clamp on brake? Dia tech (Dia compe)?

And then there was the staircase.


Knees… Once upon a time I rode for NZ at junior world cup road races etc. Procedded to play rugby and tore my right ACL also tearing some cartlidge, completely ruptured my left patella tendon and dislocated my right ankle snapping off another bone (seperate incidents). That was the end of my rugby playing days. Got back on the bike after not cycling for 5 years (about 1 year after last serious injury) just to strengthen my legs and ended up riding a few 2.1 UCI tours and doing about 700km a week… I have recently got back into riding a fixie scine moving to Sydney and have no serious problems now. The only issue is a tight ITB from not being able to hypextend my right knee.

My advice for you is to get a real good physio that specialises in sports injuries and do everything they tell you for rehab. You’re only 20 so you’ll have no worries I’d imagine.

There is hope! (athough I think by the time I’m 50 I’ll probably have both knees fully reconstructed - but thats ages away!)


An Osteo that cycles. Might help… I know a few people who swear by the guy.

i tore my knee cap muscle and underwent the knife a few years ago.

i was out of action for a while and lost all muscle in my leg…physio helped to allow me to bend my knee

but the best cure has been bike riding…knee is fully cured and stronger than ever

i’ve known a bunch of people who have had serious knee/ankle injuries who would agree with you (when referring to riding fixed).

the key is to make sure your bike is fitted correctly to you. take the time to get your seat height/fore&aft adjustment dialled in, and if you dont know how to do it, find somewhere/someone that will help you.

i’ve known a number of people who kept saying ‘riding fixed ruins your knees’ only to find that they were running badly setup bikes and that was the more likely cause.

if you are coming back from a knee injury it makes it more important to get it right (and perhaps run a brake/smaller gear).

Rogaine on this forum put me onto a book that has some knee exercises: “The body in motion” by Sarah Key. I think you can buy it on the net.

PM me and send me your email address and I might be able to describe them to you.