Has my Chain Strechted or is it more sinister?

Hey guys, long time lurker - first time poster :mrgreen:

Been riding fixed for about 3 months - I have a SE Lager 2008, made a few mods etc…

Anyway, the chainring bolts holding the spider in kept coming loose (from skidding?) so i tightened them, they keep coming loose so i keep tightening them, will get some loctite soon,

This arvo while going for my daily “fix” i noticed that when trackstanding (or trying to :roll:) and riding slow it felt like the chain was sliding on top of the teeth of the chain ring, it was making a horrible noise… Once i got moving, all seemed fine, the noise would go away, i could skid stop etc… but as soon as i slowed down there it was again!

I jumped off and had closer look, moving the chain fowards and backwards showed that the chain was indeed not connecting with the teeth properly, cause the funny feeling and sound.

What the problem? Do you reckon all these probs are related?

The bike is only about 4 months old, 1 month of SS and 3 months of Fixed, would i of worn out the chain already?

Thanks for reading and answering !

Peace out yo! :sunglasses:

maybe its time to give the chain a proper clean and relube?

mine was making some pretty shitty noises and was looking a bit worse for wear. got a new chain today and everything is smooth as silk again…

Yeh… Actually after cleaning a re lubing twice, it’s in worse shape than when it was dirty lol!

Might just get a new chain - it must’ve streched aye?

Is your front chainring 1/18. Or the same size as your chain? If not, the chain will eat away at your chainring. Not sure if this is your problem?

feck i dunno! I’ll do some googling!!

But the chain and the chainring where the ones that came stock with the bike so you’d think they’d be compatable!!

Buy a new bike.