Hawkesbury Ride: Sun 17th January

Keen, in

Ok I have this Sunday morning set aside for a ride. It doesn’t have to be an imperial century.

Yep, I’ve got the time set aside too.

Been thinking about the best way to meet up:
if it’s just me and Carlin I suggest we just meet at the Glenorie bakery for a coffee at a designated time.
If others are coming along I reckon we meet at Tuckshop on Glenhaven road, there’s a carpark for the drivers and they do coffee from 6.30 am.

Carlin: what’s the earliest you would want to be at Glenorie?

As for route, I’m thinking up Old Northern to Wiseman’s via Laughtondale Gully Road, then out to St Albans via the dirt side, then back to Windsor, then back to Tuckshop/Old Northern. Can be shortened if needed too, can easily cut out the St Albans bit.

Sounds perfect. Count me in. Happy to drive to wherever you think is best.

Interested to see Laughtondale Gully Rd.

I’m on taxi duty for mum’s trip - out :frowning:

I’d say 6:00, at Glenorie is ok as an early start. But I can pretty much be there anytime. It is probably best to go off what time Alex can do.

The route sounds good.

Sorry you’re out Dan.

Glenorie Bakery opens at 7 on weekends, according to the website.

Glenhaven Tuckshop website says 6am, but it’s further south.

I note that Glenorie Bakery ranked in the Top 5 Best Pies of 2011 by the Daily Terrorgraph, so let’s meet there.

I’m cool with 7 at Glenorie Bakery. I’ll probably stop at Tuckshop anyway for better coffee, can attest to quality of baked goods at Glenorie but not of their coffee.

i’m tentative. Doing 2 (maybe 3) gorges on Saturday morning with a mate nice and early. So if I get back and get enough family time in then i’m good.

7 at Glenorie Bakery. Too easy. Looking forward to this.

Me too. Weather is shaping up to be pretty perfect for riding too.

Ok, see you at Glenorie tomorrow at 7 then.

In with bells on.

Thanks for the ride. Great morning out, will do this loop again.

Yep, thanks fellas, had a great ride. Feel like I tore my legs off on that one climb though. Turns out it’s 11% average for a kilometre… I’ll need to find my climbing legs before doing that loop again.

Yep, that was a solid climb. The road back up to Glenorie turned out to be a lot easier than I expected though - nothing even close to that Cliftonville climb.

Good day out. Keen to do it again, possibly opposite direction, possibly with a side trip to St Albans.

So bummed I missed this but looks like you boys had some fun!

Yeah it was good.

Alex: I’ll probably do a super early morning run in reverse when I get the new bike. I’m sort of keen to do the Laughtondale climb.

Save the date ~2019.