Hawkesbury Ride: Sun 17th January

G’day champs.
After a suggestion by Skullmtn and a brief chat with Lorday, I’m gonna suggest this date as a good one for a New Year’s ride.

Initial thoughts: meet in the Hills (Baulkho/Kellyville) earlyish, then out Old Northern Road to Wiseman’s before the traffic starts. Then to St Albans for a spot of lunch/pint, then back to the Hills via Windsor.
Should be pretty easy to map out 160km, there’s a lot of really nice roads and we can even throw in a spot of dirt and gravel.

Any thoughts?

As per our brief conversation, I should be in. If I remember tonight I’ll maybe out a route that should keep the punters happy.

St. Albans to wisemnas via settlers road is a bit of dirt, maybe on the 29er id be keen if I get a good night sleep before hand :smiley:

Ride it on the roadie you sook. I did it on 23c tubs last time and I lived.

tyre size has nothing to do with it! small block 8 tyres on the anthem are fine.

Road bikes! It’s only one little stretch of dirt, we can take it easy so you don’t get stone chips on the S-works :wink:


Should be keen!

Looks great. I’m out for the 2nd though. It’s my son’s birthday.

Sounds shit, but i’ll probably come.

Due to some really shit planning on my part I can’t actually make it on this ride. I have a family dealio at Hornsby for lunch…
So if there’s still a ride happening I’ll try and get along and ride as far as the top of Wiseman’s then turn around and head back for lunch. Pretty bummed, but my own fault for not checking calendars etc.

LOLZ - came here to post the same thing. Out.

I’m out for sat too, but if you do this another time and I’m not working ect, I’d ride over from my side of the valley and meet you at Glenorie or something.

How about the following Saturday, January 9 then?

That would suit me. I’ll be back in town from the 4th and dusting my bike off.

Saturdays are out for me during the year, got kids swimming lessons in the morning. Could do a Sunday though.

Sunday 17th would work for me?

Sunday 17 is good for me. I should have a car with roof racks by then so could give someone a lift out from Leichhardt.

Cool, pretty sure I can do the 17th.

im down for the 17th, going to do it SS only ever done 100km on the SS so want to pop my 100 mile ss cherry !

in for now.