Hbd jdl!!

Today marks a HUGE day for FOA’s most handsome man, he’s turnin the big 3 2!! Whhhoooooaaaaa I hear you all say. Yep, he’s 2yrs older than that time he had that other big party.


HBD JDL, ya big hunk.

I sent you a present but I didn’t know it was your birthday. Sorry I don’t have a birthday present for you.

HB mate


All I could find was this pic of you and rolly riding with your jersey casually draped upon your shoulders

Happy birthday James!

Well done JDL, here’s to 32 more. And then another 32 after that.

flipping nice shrine to the man going on here too ^^

Happy birthday hot stuff.

(Sorry The JAMS, I stole this from you)

here’s jdl doing a wheelie on my bike:

happy birthday!!!


^man that was dope wheelie, I must’ve popped that bad boy like 20cm off the ground!

Thanks for all the birthday love guys! So many nice memories of Melbourne life sniff

You are much older than I expected!

Coz immature. Cheers Rhys!

Coz youthful good looks!!!