[HBT] Attn: Tassie heads!

I’m not sure on the number of Hobart crew here, although I suspect it’s pretty minimal. Anyway, the number of fixed street riders is growing, so post something if you might be keen for some group rides some time. Probably fairly casual events followed by beer.

Make yourselves known!

I’m in, especially with the beer part.

I guess there aren’t any folks from Tassie hidden in the woodwork.

4pm Friday October 5 @ Salamanca Lawns!

Casual ride + beers!

I vote beer first then ride… yeah! Dutch courage…

Mischa… did you check out Clintons Fixie (McBains) in the post your ride section? I’ll ring him before this arvo’s ride and see if he is keen… also Mat Grundy from Treadlies is on this forum under the name ‘Steelfruit’ though he hasn’t er, quite built his fixed yet… and he is more of a ‘bigfruit’ than a ‘steelfruit’…

Well, Friday’s ride was fun, a quick cruise from Salamanca down to Hinsby Beach in Taroona and back, followed by a couple of beers at Knopwoods.

Keen for another one soon.

The plan is to go for another spin on Monday night for interested parties. Meet at Salamanca lawns at 5:30pm.

Bring a lid, lights, and your bike.

Tonight, lurkers. Come along if you’re keen.

Six people this time! Five fixed gears and a single speed.

damn the singlespeeder was ugly tho…

Ride this Saturday (7/8/10). Domain 0630 leslievale, fern tree, coffee. Recommend flip or single for the downhill off the mountain.

Would have been keen had it not been 0630, plus I’m surfing instead of riding this weekend.
Could maybe be keen next weekend if you make it a few hours later - will have to see.
Do you do this every weekend?

No. Flying to Adelaide for work in the Arvo so get one in early. 3ft and easing at cliffy tomorrow am.