Heads up - fuzz blitz

the fuzz may be on some sort of blitz today, might have been on the news? i didn’t see it but heard about it tonight

They know where to find me,

Well, I just got booked for “running a red” last night. It didn’t change to red until I was about halfway across the intersection, but the policeman insisted it was a red. Had he followed me for the previous 500m that I had started riding, he would’ve seen me stop at both red lights and both stop signs that I passed.
I was too infuriated to argue and didn’t want anything to escalate… But yeah, fuzz blitz sounds about right

they have to catch you to fine you. moral of the story. ride faster.

so he followed you through the red?


Sincere apologies, but I’m actually a Melbournian. Upon reading the thread title, my feelings of deep annoyance and anger were suddenly re-evoked. Feel free to delete my posts if you see fit.

Honestly, I have no idea and haven’t even considered this. The lights were at the bottom of a hill, so I had picked up speed to climb it (hence why it would’ve been unsafe for me to stop suddenly when the lights turned yellow). I was only about 10 or so seconds up the hill before his lights started flashing. The only legal way for him to have followed me was if he was in the perpendicular line of traffic, but I only remember a truck.

Not much I can do about it anyway. Any suggestions on how to approach writing a letter of appeal?

Write a letter containing anything at all. Throw it away or wipe your arse with it because that’s all it’ll be worth.

There’s pretty much no reasonable excuse for running a red.

if you were done on the spot, suck it up…as above.

This - you will not get out running a red. I’m rather apt at weasiling my way out of things, but I’d never bother arguing over a red light infringement.

If you don’t want a fine: stop on the red or don’t stop once pinged

deny deny deny. wasn’t me sir. no idea what you’re talking aboot. i did no such thing. how dare you!

Fuzz blitz in Brisbane to me reads - 2 cops on the coro drive bike way stopping super commuters without bells.

nah couldn’t be on corro… proximity to a donut shop falls outside their acceptable parameters

They just pop over to the BP when they run out - or call for back-ups on the radio. They also have the option of a chopper now.

arh yes - the old “chopper donut-drop” ploy… least we know type 2 diabetes is on our side

My closest call on the bike in several months - nearly got taken out this morning by someone running a red. On a bicycle. Despicable.

^^^ MMM thos fuckin cyclists running reds, srsly who does that?!?!?!?!

do a flip red

Bah, I thought this was going to be a thread about Scott having a shave.

Apology accepted. Aren’t you lot called Melbese anyway?

I asked my mum the other day if she’d ever been picked up by the fuzz.

She said “no, but I’ve been swung around by the tits”