Headset removal


I need some help removing a headset. I can’t get the threaded top race off :?(pic below)
Its not a normal setup or at least one I have seen before… there are no flats for a spanner. It has a grippy ring thing. Is there a special tool I should be using.

Its a 1 inch threaded headset on an old shogun.


vice grips :smiley:

Naaah…Stilson wrench

its just a nut. use vice grips, maybe a cloth around it so not to dent or scratch (sometimes easily done). normal direction thread.


benchpress until you can do it bare hand :evil:

cheers, I’ll give the grips a go 8-).
I’m being a bit soft at the moment, don’t want to f the threads.


spray WD40. leave overnight. spray again then give it a go. I had a stubborn BB shell i tried for over a week!

…and just for fun you could try INOX instead of WD40. after a bit of experience with old rusty things I reckon it’s the best.

got it… now onto the cups :roll:


A hammer and big fucking screwdriver.

jedi mind tricks

Screwdrivers are good but sometimes do damage. I have found using an old screw that has had the tip broken off then ground down a flat end very good for removing headset cups.

Just cut it our with an angle grinder, much easier.

have found that the best thing to remove cups is an old set of alloy flat bars and a hammer, doesn’t scar at all :wink:

best trick ive recently got onto is using a bit of tubing from an old vacuum cleaner pipe from hard rubbish. it’s just a bit smaller in diameter than the head tube and with constant fast hammer tapping for a few seconds knocks out the cups no worries, you get a nice even distribution of the force around it so it doesnt chip bits.

Piece of timber dowel and a hammer. Your mum / girlfriend / wife won’t notice if her broom handle is a foot shorter.

Similar to the vacuum cleaner pipe method,I hacksawed a slot down a piece of tube then you can spring it open a bit and it gives you a bit more contact area on the cup you are trying to remove.

Hey, thanks for all your tips and enthusiasm…

I used an old style cheapy seatpost to remove the cups.
All good, now off to the powercoater :-P.

anyone made there own decals before?

Yeah, I printed some out at home about six years ago, When you clear coat them,you just have to put light coats of lacquer on or the ink starts to bleed .
Turned out reasonable though.