Headset shenanigans

I’m looking at putting in a straight steerer wolverine fork into a tapered steerer on Rolly’s old fuji for basket-life goodness.

Current headset is “FSA No. 42, 1 1/8” - 1 1/2", integrated cartridge"

Does anyone know if there is a crown race or headset reducer that would work for this?

I’ve been looking at


but I’m a bit confused? Any advice welcom

These should work. I haven’t needed to use them before, but did look into them when considering a new DJ frame with some old suspension forks recently.

Check the bottom bearing in your headset to see what angle the crown race needs to mate with (if that makes sense). The hope one you linked looks appears to be a simple reducer (expander?) that needs an additional 1.5" crown race on it before it would fit into the headset bearing.
Just checked the nukeproof listing:
“Hi, the pre-2015 lower bearing had an internal angle of 36, and the post 2015 lower bearing has an internal angle of 45.”

So I’d choose the appropriate NP one if your lower bearing has an angle of 36 or 45 deg. Or the Hope one (plus an appropriately angled 1.5" crown race) if it’s something other than those angles.
The hope one will give you a fraction more axle to crown length than stock by the looks and so a marginally slacker head angle. But I doubt it’s anything to worry about from the picture on crc.

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Yeah what CdK said. I did this when I fitted the Clydesdale to the Giant eBike. That bearing angle is the critical measurement

I have one of those Hope ones somewhere. You fit the 1.5" crown race over it.

If I could think of where it was I’d give it to you, I’ll go rummage noisily in the garage.

Found it. Shoot me a PM if you could use it and I’ll stick it in the post. To this day I can’t think why I had it in the first place :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the offer @floody but I’ve ordered the crown race style

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No worries!

Well if anyone else is wanting to do the same sort of thing, that reducer will be rattling around in my modern (ptuh!) bike bits box probably until the heat death of the galaxy.