Headset Streeter issue

Hi Guys

My new frame just arrived and I went to remove the Shimano 600 put on the Mavic Headset on to find that the steerer is short… The current 600 headset has not got the lock nut on top as there is not enough streerer length… The streerer doesn’t look like it has been cut and looks original.

Can anyone shed any light on this and or what to do?

Will this headset come loose?

This is the be my Track only bike so no street riding… even tho I mis spelt Steerer in the Heading…


Yes, it will come loose. The idea of a locknut is to lock the two against each other with friction on the faces and tension in the axle/steerer inducing compression on the two, and thus remain in place on the axle/steerer/etc.

Search for the lowest stack height HS you can, or take the fork to a builder for a steerer replacement/extension.

shiiit, it’s only just hanging on there, even without the locknut.

short of a new fork, you’d need to find a low stack threaded threadset, which i think is a pretty rare item. tange levin maybe, but still probably not low enough. you could also mill down the top of the headtube a little if you’re desperate.

edit: or this may do the trick http://chrisking.com/headsets/hds_gnut

Just get a new section of steerer section put onto your forks.

There’s no other way around this I don’t believe.

The bearing aren’t in upside down or something are they?

Yellow frames FTW!!!

I think the shimano 600 has a stack height of around 37-39mm? and I know Tange make a 33mm stack height headset. But I think you will need more then 6mm?

33.3mm - Tange Levin CDS

head tube looks like it extends a lot over where the top tube comes in. Hope you dont have to replace those max forks

Thanks for the response guys…

Seems the CK has a 33 stack height as well…

Any ideas on how much it would cost to have frame builder replace the steerer… Tried to call Joe but no answer

Cheers again

I’m also not sure that the fork is MAX I will take some pics of its profile…

Is MAX Aero on the inside or is it flat on both sides?

edit … Hey lads Solution found Frame and fork is off to Joe to have the steerer extended


The CK gripnut should do the trick, it is designed to solve this problem. It is fairly low stack, and only the adjusting nut needs to thread onto the steerer. The locknut is then held on by some kind of sleeve clamp thing, so it doesn’t matter if the steerer isn’t long enough. Pricey, but I’d imagine getting the steerer extended/replaced would be as well.

Does anyone have a CK grip nut headet they would like to move on… Much cheaper option

Actually I just looked at how the Mavic Headset works It doesn’t have a lock nut but has a a allen key tightening bolt so it might actually work…

Adrian you need a second set of forks to cut the longer steerer off but I don’t thik it’d cost much.

I good welder rather than a frame builder would do too.

It’s not that complex.

huh, that mavic is an interesting design. the overall assembly looks to be pretty tall still. why don’t you measure the height and see if it will fit?

(and if it doesn’t, i still think the CK option is cheaper and less hassle than extending the steerer)

Yes Mavic were very different in there thinking with this group… Unfortunetly I am moving to Rockhampton today and wont be able to move on this build for another 2 weeks… The Mavic bottom stack is smaller than the Shimano 600 so might pick up 1 or 2 mm so it may just be able to clamp on.

Cheers for the info guys

Is Rach going?

Nah Rach is staying in brissy till her contract at greenslopes is finished in November

I will be down every 2 weeks or so for work…

If she needs someone to hang up some pictures or something let her know I’m around.

Hey my neighbour got a steerer attached, I’ll ask him tonight where he got it done.

This is all true, I’ve had my dad (a boiler maker by trade) extend a steerer tube on a mountain bike I owned as a youngster.
Get a second set of forks, cut the current steerer about half way down, weld on the length of new steerer required and then off you go.
Much easier than trying to gain precious mm with different headsets.

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    but also you’ll need to grind the weld smooth so it fits in the head tube.

I have done this a few times, just welded an extension on to a steerer tube, I can do it for a small fee if you want