Heap of Bikes - Melbourne

Bloke is selling a heap of bikes from $25 -$250. If anyone is looking for some cheapies.

Vintage RETRO Bike 400 to CHOOSE FROM $20-$250 Mens LADIES &more | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Burwood

Must show wife = I’m not so bad. A few hot ones?

I’d like to look at the one on the fence behind the tree.

I’m going over tomorrow to scope it out. Let me know if you after anything specific and ill see whats there. Odds are there has to be something given there are what looks like 40000000 bikes in the photo

80’s road frame, around 55 sq. thx

Let me know if he has a 60cm Cinelli Laser


I’ll take the Rene Herse tandem and the Caminargent.

Llewelyn max track and road ?

48-52 road frame please

I’ll take a bag of lemons from the tree!

I’m after a 52 to 54 sq road frame with eyelets and clearance for guards. Something nice-ish.

I sent an email too, was wanting to check it tomorrow too, what time were you heading there?

i’ve got a mate looking for a commuter, his budget is $500 brand new. if there’s anything that isn’t far off that second hand let me know, i’m of the opinion he’s better off getting something older but in good nick rather than some POS bike that he doesn’t know how to fix (just like how i started though i suppose)…

thanks mate

ps - if there are any 55sq track frames i’d be interested… but i would very much doubt it as they probably all live outside in the rain!!

Any whack, Italian, pursuit frame that will look good with rizorz, for me.

Interested in the green Pug in the bottom left hand corner of the pic! …I’ll have some lemons, too.

burwood ey? this dudes collection?:
corner burwood and station st - Google Maps

corner burwood and station st - Google Maps

i’ll take the one on the left

Does this guy have a wife? If she’s 55 square, pick her up cheap for me.

Late 50s or early 60s De Rosa, around 56sq I’m not picky.

if i had my bike stolen, I’d def be down there to scope it out…