i thought i’d share with you all my heartbreak of the morning… walking to work through a cobbled laneway, past a few cafes, listening to the beatles, sun-shining no wind, wanting to be on my bike. about 50m before the office i stumble across a Hetchins road bike… just sitting there. i guess everyone has their fave builders and frame types and Hetchins (esp their lugs) are way up there for me. This one was nice… wicked middle ages looking lugs, twin plate fork crown, no tubing decal but i’m sure it was lovely.

and then heartbreak…


I try to stay positive about life and bikes in particular, everyone uses em for different reasons and builds em to suit themselves. but honestly…

anyone else seen anything like this?

yes I have JP. A late 70s Apollo road bike, top end, with a full shimano dura-ace EX groupset from the same era. Great condition. Seatpost jammed all the way into the frame, clumsily locked with a $5 cable lock. A tragedy waiting to happen.

The way to save bikes like that is to leave a note, say you want to buy the bike. Even stretch the truth a little “it’s the perfect size for me” “my dad used to have one and it’s sentimental”…whatever.

I got the apollo, swapped it for an $80 mtb, he was very happy to have something sturdy and I’ve got a near-mint condition classic.

Take the step JP, nothing to lose. Contact the unappreciative owner!

  • Joel