Heavy maintenance

Hi everyone,

The site has been infected with a pervasive but fairly innocuous looking piece of malware - it’s just trying to generate traffic for bikereviews.com. Google is now warning all users to the site that it’s infected - you may have seen the warning already if in a modern browser.

Therefore I’m going to have to spend a lot of time trying to untangle the mess, and will also probably be upgrading the forum software. Just an FYI if it’s running slow or doing weird things.

I will do my best not to delete the entire website.

We can always just blame Roby, don’t worry!

I got nothing but owls for a while there

Yeah, they were sweet.

I was pretty tempted to just leave the site that way, permanently.

YOU made my bb help thread disappear!! Straight to the armhole thread. The owls were cool too…

wtf, i’ve been in yellowstone?!

and they don’t have cables there??

Sorry the forum has been a bit flaky, I’ve made some changes, hopefully they fix it.

Thanks Nick, you’re an unheralded warrior.

Living the dream, fighting the good fight, etc.