Hed 3, bidding started a $1

HED 3 Aero TRI Spoke Carbon Wheel TT Ironman NOT Mavic Zipp Shimano RRP $1500 | eBay

bids started at $1, be interesting to see how high this goes or if someone picks up a deal.

To me it looks fake, also what’s with the *free tubular as long as it sells at my desired price?

Yeah I am a little suss. No hed stickers and the carbon kinda looks green (old).

I doubt it’s a fake. Most copies of carbon wheels don’t use an alloy brake surface.

The hed stickers peel straight off the older hed3 wheels if I remember correctly. I think the wheel looks a weird colour due to the lighting and possibly being an older model.

Yeah I’d say you’re on the money, still interesting to see what it goes for.

grab a bargain! with a tire! wow! only if it goes for the right price will i give you the bargain deal with the expensive tire fuck this should be on the douchebag thread, make up your mind, fuck off with your “conditional sale” bullshit


given it’s a tri wheel i’d guess it’s a 650c

Good for barspins.

Yeah one key piece of info missing, you’re probs bang on.