Hed belgium c2 or stans alpha 340?

Have narrowed it down to these two rims… dont mind the brake surface as it might be useful later on.
Which one?32hole 700c/29er ss disc wheel build… going to be running 28’s to 35’s…
the HED is heavier but does that equate to greater strength?
Mainly street use, popping up and down curbs etc… it will be a winter work bike
Wouldn’t mind trying the notubes but it would be for the flat issue not the low pressure pinch thing
Just want to know what people think… ?

I just got a set of wheels built up with 32h Belgiums, and although I’ve only ridden the front one I will vouch for them. I don’t think I can go back to a 19mm rim now. The braking surface on them is excellent too.

HEd C2 to some CK R45’s hopefully ready this week. I’ll let you knew how they go. My old wheels ultegra hubs to open pros are beyond saving.

If its a work bike then forget about the Stan’s… Unless your under 70kgs and don’t ever pop curbs… I would go with the more substantial rims… The alphas are pure weigh weenie rims… And need to be treated as such. :slight_smile:

The Velocity A23 does not get a mention?

A23s are indeed great, with the added bonus of not having to worry about valve length.

Velocity pyscho or A23, h+son archers or tb14, or a disc specific rim would be my choice.
I have Stan’s and there really nice but like kanye said I’m 70kg and they are my roadie wheel only.
I would not dream of dropping curbs on them.

Hey Dayne - what did you build the stans up with and what spoke count did you go for?

White industries with aero lights 20/24
But I think for a few extra grams 24/28 would be pretty tough.

I’ve got a mate with a set of DT Swiss 700c laced to DT disc hubs, let me know if you’re interested, he’s just told me they’re for sale.

OK maybe not stans then. well at least the alphas
. A23, Hed or h=son archetype… Hubs are high polish so the h = son could look good…

Ive owned the tb14 they are really nice.