hed3 trispoke

three quick q’s
what’s the going rate for a second hand front hed trispoke?
whats everyones thoughts on second hand carbons?
is there anyway to convert a rear coaster hub to a front?


in any case i +1 for you getting one

$650 lowest second hand for a front clincher HED3

$1400 brand new front clincher HED3

Specialized sold the patent to HED3 many years ago. Sum specialized trispokes are still around and they are abit cheaper then $650. Goodluck and may the hipsters be with you.

p.s. i want one :slight_smile:

p.s. i want one :slight_smile:


Beat the hipsters at there own game. 4 spokes are the new 3.

But 3 spokes were the new 5. :?

also less chance of this happening with a HED3

+1 joes. :smiley:

pretty sure 32h laced to low profile box rim = new trispoke

I read this thread twice and didn’t see a wheel for sale.

Am I missing something?


I have a wheel - send me all your money and I will post it to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your not missing anything, Someone else is missing a Brain.

Okay, let me get to Western Union and I wil transfer all ca$h to “el brado” for wheelz.

Thanks - $1 Brazillion please.

did u sold yet.


Oh man, if I was a writer for a comedy TV show, I’d just hit the internet for all my material.

Whats the AUD > Brazillion exchange rate at the moment? Did the GFC affect this?

hai maan
the wheel I gots no sole yet
the wheel is broked tho, for shore you can fix with the glue
you can buyed it for 100 dor ra


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actual LOL. thats a winner :smiley: