Hello all

Hello from Boston!

I am have been riding fixed here for since may and I love it. I will be coming to your area in December for a visit :slight_smile: Just wanted to reach out to some people who seem to have similar interests.

This is me on the right.

This is my girly. She gets me the fuck around. I love her but I really want to change out the drops for bull horns and change the brake system to just a front w/ lever mounted horizontally.

Oh christ these boards are all so different. Someone clue me in on posting images please?


Uh oh, wait til CraigC finds this!

Anyway, welcome. What city are you coming too?


thanks. I will be in Adelaide for a few days and then Melbourne for an undetermined amount of time. Depends on how many friends I can make in the next few days who will hang with me when I get there. JK JK. Sorta. Then off to NZ maybe. I dunno yet.

Tell me about Melbourne or whatever.


Ha ha, I’m sure you’re not going to have any trouble finding friends.

Melbourne has a huge fixed scene. Messengers, fakengers, commuters all the way to ‘NJS’ walkin hipsters. It’s all good.

Great time of year to come, summer will run nearly til April.

Nothing. It’s what CraigC will do that you should be worried about.


this is what he looks like BEWARE!!!

Come and hang out with me and we’ll go for a ride.

There’s a few of us that ride Tuesday nights in AdelAIDe too.

Ha ha, gotta love Herbert. “I got a present in my pocket for ya”

When I was in Adelaide the only fixed gear bike I saw for the entire week was a BT on the back of a car being driven out of the velodrome (nice velodrome by the way)

Oh and when you come to melburn, say hello, look out for me driving this van…

Would be better.

When i say a few, i mean a few… usually less than five.

i just spat my BLT on the monitor :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: