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I be new, yes a fresh member. I have been riding bmx for years and am new to this world of fixies (yes another green one). It all started when my brother got himself a damn roadbike and I saw myself enjoying borrowing it but wishing it was a little bit more simple. I have decided to build myself a bike for commuting to work and general fun. I love my bmx, I just want something a little more distance/road friendly. I have been looking in to building, researching, trying to learn… I have a few questions though… I am completely new to the sizing and have read that new school (skool?) riders prefer small frames than what were previously recommended which has slightly confused me as to what charts I should be referring to. What size frame should a 173cm person be looking for? On the subject of looking, can anyone recommend where a Melbourne resident should be looking for old bikes worthy fixing? Or is that kind of secret information confidential? I don’t really want to buy something off the shelf, I much prefer the idea of working on something myself. Something old, simple, well made and beautiful.

Anyway, just saying hi.

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Ride what size bike is comfortable for you. If you’re comfortable with your brother’s bike, then buy that size. If you’re not sure, try a size up and down. Beg or borrow before you commit the $$$ on a bike if you can. Everyone is different. I ride bikes what many people consider to be too big for me. But that works for me.

I’ve got a complete fixie for sale if you’re interested (Although may not be the right size for you?). 53cm top tube and 52cm seat tube. Old Atala Italian road conversion. I’m in Melbourne too and if you want to drop by to chat, feel free to do so. You can ask around this forum too for frames in the size you’re looking for. You could also come out for a Sat fixed ride with some of the guys from this forum. They meet at 7.30am at Fed Sq. Lots of fixie info from these guys.


i should soon have a handful of parts laying about that i probabaly wont use. rather see them go to someone who needs them. i’ll part with them for little or no bux.

Hi there,
a couple of other idea as well.
Bicycle recycle on south rd (maybe middle rd) moorabin normally have a sh1t load of 2nd hand bikes ranging from $50 - 3k and all sorts of parts and is a fun place to go searching through box’s.
Another is CERES in Brunswick, I havent been there when they are open, others might be able to comment.
Also try the local op shop and tip, you just never know!
I will have what I am lead to believe a Geoff Scott (gefsco) built Clamont road frame, columbas tubing not entirely sure of size or condition for sale soon so that might also be an option as well.

If you ask me, those bearded jerks act like anything to do with a bike is secret information.

They should have a motto that reads:

“Ask a simple(any) question, get treated like a simpleton(retard)”


Went there once, got abysmal service/assistance, never went back.

Go and see the guys at Human Powered Cycles instead, near the Brunswick velo.

There you go, prob a good thing they wernt open when I was there.

whats the go with this human powered mob u speak of?

Kind of a mid point between ceres, and bicycle recycle. They are between the track and that big fucking church. I’ve found them to be pretty helpful.


Good blokes. Lots of parts old and new, lots of tools.

WOW! Thanks for being so welcoming! The kindness and free flowing information is very appreciated. I checked with my little (younger) bigger (slightly taller) brother about the size of his ride, it’s pretty small… Top tube is 50cm and Seat tube 52cm from top of tube (clamp) to centre of bottom bracket. I think I could get away with something a little bigger, how the rest of the bike is set-up makes a difference. I can’t see myself on anything too huge as coming from 20" I am used to tiny bicycles :smiley:

Having said that I have only been on one roadbike of late.

Hey Des, if it was another day I could try and get over my shyness and roll over but alas I work long hours weekends and start quite early. Do you have any photos of the bike?

Thanks! Once I get hands on a bike to build up I’ll let you know if I need anything:-)

stevendavid75, Blakey and erle. I will definitely check out your recommendations!! Thank you.

So I guess I am looking for something 50-54cm ish? Too big? Reynolds or Columbus tubing a bonus but quite possibly out of my price range at this point in time.

Again I say thanks.


Sheesh, that top tube is the same size as my roadie and im only 5’4"!

Yes I do. What I’m selling is slightly different. The wheels will be Velocity DeepV instead of the aero in the photo. Hubs are the Shifterbike ones built by Dan (2x front and 3x rear). You’ll get two forks, the Coppi one that’s on there now and the original Atala chrome fork. Seatpost will be some silver aero thing to match the stem with a different WTB saddle and the bars will be a generic flat bar. Looking for $400 for the lot. Can provide brakes and levers too if you like.

I still have to build the thing up. Probably will get around it tonight. As always, try before you buy highly recommended.


Yeah, small I know. I think a history in BMX has something to do with it. Like I said, I feel I would be quite fine on something bigger.

Quick turnaround on the photos Des. I’m after something a tad older with drops. Plus I have an ever increasing desire to build something myself… I appreciate the offer though.


Hi Grandpa,
I have an old steel Malvern Star 10 speed roadie, measurements are
seat tube: 58cm;
top tube: 55cm;
uses 27"wheels if you want to use brakes
It has everything on it bar cranks. It also needs a bit of work on a few things as it is a bit of an oldie, it is certainly “fix-able” as it has semi-horizontal dropouts plus the Malvern Star logo looks pretty nifty :wink:

It might be a bit big for what you are wanting (I wouldn’t know - I’m too short for most bikes) but it’s free, in Melbourne and you can come and have a look at it before making any decisions.

If you want to check the bike out PM me to organise something. I’m in Carnegie in the SE 'burbs.

The kindness of the members of this forum is amazing, I can’t stress this enough. Very nice scene. Thank you for such a generous offer FiMcK! I would love to accept but feel it is too big for me and would be better appreciated in someone else’s possession. Thanks again.


No problems Gramps :slight_smile: good luck in finding the right size.
The offer stands to anybody else that wants the bike!