Hello everyone - I'm 22, and the 22nd !

And you may find me to be an intolerable post-whore. I make no apologies, a fledgling forum like this one might not mind so much !

Anyway, I have a couple of fixes and I’m also a shameful bike-whore (pimp?) so in short, here is my steamroller:

Which is shamefully “new” and has no classic appeal whatsoever, but is very fast, very smooth and very fun nonetheless.

more pics in my album:


Any others in Canberra ?! I’ll submit to this gallery soon.

  • Joel

hey joel, nice bike mate.

i’ll add your photos to the gallery tomorrow sometime.

as for being a post whore… you’re going to have to catch up to me first!

welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


well on the way mate, I sent you an email with higher-res photos.

  • Joel

No classic appeal? C’mon Joel…those high-flange Suzue hubs give it more than enough classic appeal! …even a bit of Disco bling!

perhaps they do, stranger, although I’ve been enjoying looking down at the front hub more since removing the disco ball stickers :wink:

  • Joel

Hey Tomes, thanks for the link.

Cool little site here, anyway I saw a guy riding a fixed the other night near Kingston markets. Anyone on here? only distinguishing features were a set of full length mudguards.