Hello! First Post from Lurker


So I’ve not yet posted but I’ve been lurking a while and last night decided to sign up so I can browse the for sales eventually. And because meeting people who are into stuff you like is boss.

I have followed the “think about maybe riding, get a crap mtb, upgrade to old roadie, upgrade to new roadie, add a fixie” path that I’m sure a few people are familiar with. My wife is mad into bikes as well, so we have a good set of tools and know-how between us.

I have had my Masi Speciale Whatever Flat Bar for two years I think, 80% of that time on fixed. I managed to convince a friend to get the LBS to switch his old 10 speed to fixed as well, and he’s hooked and wants to build something nice from scratch, and I’ve been meaning to for years. The Masi was just a +1 so I had something to ride while I was doing my real build. The time has come!

So currently I’m looking at a Colossi frame (probably Al Colossione, Low Pro if I can get over how much of a poser I’ll feel, and that I won’t be happy leaving it outside in the rain while I’m at the gym), and thinking I’ll harvest a few bits off my roadie (pedals, cranks, brakes) and upgrade the roadie while I’m at it. Or I’ll do an all new shiny build.

My mate is loving the Leader 721 frame, and he has only his old converted 10 speed so he’ll be going new parts most of the way.

So hi, thanks, feedback on frames/parts/builds totally welcome, nice to meet you, apologies if Hello threads are frowned upon! :slight_smile:

welcome. lucky for us all that i didn’t ban you immediately for having a user name the same as a car company, it was touch n go there for a minute.

seems you are a real human!

get some pics of your ride up!

Thanks! Will do … both looking a bit sad, Masi popped a tube which forced the Giant into active duty, and I collected a lot of grit from the rains last week. I’ll have to give them a spruce up and do a little photo shoot later this week.

You got a flat and did a bike swap? Are you a pro?

Nice! Haha, ran out of tubes at home and swapped bikes while I’m waiting for new rubber to arrive (the cause of the tube popping is a nice hole some glass bored out of the tyre).