helmets please

ok, i’m seeing way too many people on pushbikes without helmets these days. not only are you legally required to wear helmets on pushbikes but it may save your brain…hence, your life. i don’t care if you are just going down the street to pick up some DVDs. …wear a bloody helmet. not a bad investment considering that it may make a difference between a brain injury or a bad headache.
fixed/breakless, singlespeed, road, bmx, whatever…wear a helmet. don’t wait for an accident to make you wear one.

just ask our fyxomatosis founder what a helmet did for him. the article can also be found in urbanvelo magazine.


but in saying that, my helmet/s have saved my head twice, once due to my own fault and once not my fault, only good things can come from wearing a helmet as far as im concerned :slight_smile:

How bout you mind your own business.

can we lock this please?


Who are you?

Do a search if you want to read a debate about this issue and please don’t tell me what to do again.