Helmets - Wiggle WTF

I guess I must have missed something. Was just about to buy a new helmet but wiggle and chain reaction dont offer nothing on their Australian websites. What exactly did I miss and how do I get my hands on a new Giro?

Use a proxy

Is that cause they’re not AS compliant lids?

Thats how it looks to me but I dont know the background or reasoning of it.

Buy a Kask.

LBS - must not be too hard to find a Giro in Sydney hey?

Dont have a LBS and I pretty much just wanted to know if someone knows why that is and what has changed just recently. 2 weeks ago they were still selling/shipping them to Australia.

Probably realised they’re not making any money at all off the captive market of the AS system.

This…$170 for the vertigo mang. best bang for buck

Now that I’m interested I cant find it anywhere for that money. And dont say Cell bikes, its pink only.

I would assume this would be in most part a supplier led initiative to reduce access to cheaper helmets overseas, but put under the guise of an AS compliance issue.

Similar thing happened with buying Nikes/Adidas shoes from some UK retailers, and shipping to Aus.

I bought a couple of Giro helmets from CRC a few weeks ago, weird to see them removed so quickly.


medium/white only


Just buy from a shop. Sure it might be cheaper online, but give the retailers a go. Well worth trying shit on and most retailers will cut a cheaper deal if your not a dick.

Just had look, it’s not just Australia, American website via proxy has same stock.

Fair call. Will have a look around tomorrow. Working in Sydneys CBD has to be good for something.

Talking Kasks, is the Mojito any good as well?

I wear one everyday and like it. It’s light and fits well. Pretty textbook good helmet before POC’s became cool.

I’m on the Mojito as well, fit my head better than the vertigo.

Another reason to go and try them on.

Im a mojito guy - best helmet I have ever had.