Help a Bro out

Hey all

So i’m in a competition on facebook to win about a grands worth of tickets to playground weekender festival and would be super grateful if you guys could help me out.

all you have to do is like this photo.


(mods feel free to move or delete if i have this in the wrong section)


Sorry dude no face book,
Would have though.

Done. Can I have a ticket now?

Cheers guys!

And sorry lemontime the tickets are already spoken for
But if you do end up going i’ll definitely buy you a drink

Bump. they’re 6 votes ahead. any help would be amazing

also i made this facebook group, and if you could invite any helpful friends to it that would be rad

Help a bro out | Facebook

thanks guys!

I’m not on BookFace … how 'bout a wristy?

That works too

Hey guys, helping my little bro out here with a bump and an offer.
Head on over to the link, like the photo and then post back here saying you have.
I’ll give a kumo cycles T-shirt to a randomly selected dude who has liked the photo. If you are rad then share it with your friends too

I will hack my boss’ and wifes FB accounts and like it.

… and to add to this

  • Canberra Knights
  • Canberra Social Hockey League
  • Swell Design Group
  • Low Intentions

Yes, I am a facebook fiend.

there ya go


Ends midday today, vote, win a shirt.