Help - audio recording problem


I have used my usual resources (google, and bing because it’s the work default) to no avail so here’s hoping someone has had a similar problem.

I am sick of terrible audio on voice recording on my mobile, so I bought a (most likely fake) sony ECM-DS70P with the hope to use it with my Galaxy S4. Long story short, it doesn’t work. It registers that ‘earphones’ are connected (i.e. that something is in the headphone jack) but as it is a TRS rather than TRRS pin it doesn’t register that there is a mic, let alone a stereo mic.

Does anyone know if it is possible to make it work as a stereo recorder, either via an adapter or an app of some sort, or should I just stop being a tightarse and buy a stereo bluetooth mic.


I don’t have a lot to do with this sort of stuff, but this is what our radio journos use to capture audio on their iphones:

“Isaidwhat and Pocket Wavepad have been installed on the newsrooms’ iphone 4S’ to make capturing and editing audio easy. As well as the Tieline codecs function, which can stream live interviews and crosses with an audio quality that sounds like it is produced in a studio rather than recorded on a phone.”

that’s all i got, sorry.

there are TRS-TRRS adapters available, but i have no clue if the S4 will acknowledge the mic.