Help building a bike for my recovering son

Hello all,

my son was involved in a bicycle accident a few months ago. He is recovering slowly, however his spirits are quite low. We asked him if we could help lift them in any way, being mostly bedbound, unable to work and of course unable ride a bike for a few more months to come.

He’d like his ‘dream build’ to be built from the ground up. I think being able to watch it be built might make him smile more, and hopefully heal better and quicker. Problem is, he isn’t too sure about parts and compatibility, nor am I, a bit of an old codger. All he knows is that he’d like a “fixed gear” with front and rear brakes. He’s provided me with an incomplete parts list (below). Neither of us are 100% sure they would all fit. An old bugger like me can only google so much, but I’d like the help from a forum! :slight_smile:

I’m in need of the necessary additional parts and any advice with making sure the parts will actually fit. See below:

Parts list
-Rear wheel
-Top cap

A few notes:
-He’d like to stick with the white and ‘purple oil slick’ colour theme
-If there’s any parts that he’s gone without listing (he crashed during the time he made this rough list) could you please advise them and suggest sizes etc.? The last thing I want is to buy parts that don’t click together…lol :slight_smile:

Thank you all dearly!

You’ll need a crankset, bottom bracket, seatpost, seatpost clamp, front wheel, tyres and tubes, front and rear brake calipers, brake levers, brake cables and housing, bar tape, sprocket and lockring too.


I’m not sure if that frame/fork is drilled for brakes, and if it is, there’s no cable guides, so you’ll need some cable clamps: Old School BMX Dia Compe Cable Clamps Various Colours Sold In 3's | eBay Keep in mind, if your son is riding fixed gear, a rear brake is fairly useless.

The fork is threaded, so you’ll need the appropriate stem and headset. Or you could get a threadless stem adapter…they’re a bit yuck though.

The frame you linked to is only available in size 53, so make sure that’s the right size for your son.

I’d lose the coloured chain, get one of these:|s5Jz1Ol99_dc|pcrid|253645956608|pkw||pmt||prd|611267AU

Aerospokes were popular circa 2007 and are really just for looks, which you will be spending a small fortune for. Unless your son can’t bear not to have one, I reckon you’d be better getting a decent spoked wheelset. Something like this, for example: Wheel Master 700 Velocity Deep-V Set - Black for sale online | eBay (but if your running brakes you’ll want machined braking surfaces.) Then you could put some more money into a better frame.

The handlebars you linked to won’t fit in the stem you linked to. 31.7 diameter vs 22.2 diameter. However, you’ve got bigger issues with your cockpit curation.