help choosing first bike.

hi guys,
im new here,
looking to get my first fixie, choosing between a schwinn madison and bianchi pista, i figured the bianchi is a little more expensive but ill probably keep it longer. can anyone recommend a place in Melbourne to have a look at (i want a complete bike). Also is there a price difference/ any specification difference between a regular pista and the concept one?

If you can buy a concept locally buy me one to :smiley:

mascot cycles richmond has the pista and i think cecil walker in the city sells them to…

how much do the concept ones cost… complete
i think ill go the madison its around 800 complete right?

Madison all the way, i dont really like em, but they are better than a hipsta pista

can anyone suggest any other fixie’s to have a look at around the $800 mark (complete) im not a fan of the SE lager

Surly Steamroller

Between the Madison and the Bianchi, I’d go for the Madison. Both bikes are pretty much on par with each other but the Bianchi is much more expensive. The extra dollars go into the brand, hipster factor and the chrome finish. Hardly worth it.

If you can extend your budget, here’s a few other bikes you should consider. All are pretty decent and value for money.

Kona Paddywagon
Avanti (the fixie version with 2 brakes)
Specialized Tricross Singlecross (forget the Langster)
Surly Steamroller complete
Salsa Casserole complete (fixie/SS version)

A few things you should note when comparing bikes:

  1. Get your bike sizing right. If the Madison or Pista doesn’t fit you, you’re going to have a shit ride no matter how cool the bike is.

  2. Look for (at least) good framesets, cranks and wheels. Everything else can be cheaply upgraded when you need too. For example, the Surly and Salsa have better wheels and frameset (IMO) compared to the Bianchi. If I strip the hubs of the Bianchi (which many have done), replacing the wheel may cost more than laying out the extra dollars for the Surly/Salsa in the first place. Same idea applies to frames. Do the math.

Good luck.


if you just look three threads underneath this one, you can see that it is being sold for $640.

Kinda unrelated, but do all new bikes come with threadless forks?

Pretty much, unless you go bespoke. That said, if memory serves I saw a huffy or hoffy MTB or something at k-mart on the weekend with a 1" threaded steerer & quill. Equipped with front and rear suspension and go-fast sparkly paint too.

Don’t bother, just buy a cyclocross bike and save yourself the embarassment when changes to

On a side note I like the madison

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