Help? Columbus Two Headed Bird/ PICS

I have aquired a columbus track frame butg the bird has two heads. Ihave compared it with other colonbus tubing and most ( well all) only have one head. WHAT DOES A TWO HEADED BIRD MEAN??? HELP

Twice as good???

But on topic,

Marty - didn’t that yellow Russian thing on Roadgrime have a two headed bird logo? I will try and find it tomorrow.

It had Falc tubes, no two headed birds.

it is a europa built by abeni( aquired from GYPSY) if that helps… is TC out there lurking …any site online that would have a list?

yer yer very funny , i could have guessed the 3 headed fish thikng. but now some help

Have a look here , maybe throw up a post in the help section.

My europa has Oria tubing but it wasn’t built by Abeni.

There is some info about europa’s here:

Take a picture of your sticker and put it up.

what does the frame columbus decal look like?

Is the only reason you think it’s columbus is because of the two-headed bird? Photos!!?

here is the best i could do for a photo

it has the words tubi rintorate garantiti above the bird/s and

acciaio speciale on either side of the bird.

hope this helps as i know the style of writing used to write columbes makes a says something about era.

Sure that’s not the birds right wing? :smiley:

Tubi rinforzati garanti = Guaranteed reinforced tubing.

Doppio spessore = double butted

Columbus SL ~1981, so this is either older Cr-Mo maybe butted, maybe not, or a repaint.

That’s my bike!

God, he’s even an engineer in italian :wink:.

thats why he is both ‘global’ and ‘mupppet’. So can i assume it is SL?


You can’t assume it’s SL, it may or may not be butted. If it takes a 27.2 seatpost, it probably is.

Thats me old Europa yes? I noticed that when i had but yes i thought it was just the other wing…

yer your old pony do you have any idea gypsy

Nup. Like i said i came to the conclusion it was the other wing :slight_smile: an optical illusion…