Help for a Beginner

I want to get a fixed gear but I have no idea about what bike i should get, what im going to need with it. I dont know any one who has one but i would really like to start riding.

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Ok, ok. Use the search button at the top right - this has been asked and discussed extensively and searching for content will give you much more insight than my stupid comments. Also, read everything on this site:

You guys are harsh :evil:

work out how much you want to spend :?

Go to bike shops and test ride bikes.
Or if your handy with the tools and in no rush, build your own. Lots of resources on the net.

Get an old road bike frame with some basic components like:
Cranks, handlebars, seatpost/saddle, stem, decals.

If your cheepo just buy wheels with a fixed cog. thats all i did.
then you only need to spend like $200

You will probs need to get some new pedals so you can get straps.
then when you learn more just slowly upgrade your parts.

Go to gear/swapmeets and get cheep parts. their on like 3 or 4 times a year depending on where you are.

But fair…

You guys are harsh

But fair…


too fair if you ask me. time was when a noob asking stupid questions would cop a hiding that would have them sobbing in their girly jeans.

There are no stupid questions.

Only stupid people…

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BlueDragon, read every page and post of the ‘Post Your Ride’ section, im pretty sure it will answer your question.

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