Help Identifying a colnago

I recently purchased this off gumtree at an amazingly low price, and I would like to work out what model it was. It has colnago stamped dropouts, and the serial number on the dropout is 1b723

The original owner told me it was made from columbus sl tubing and that he purchased it 17 years ago.

I’m pretty sure it has a 94 ergo groupset with some C-Record parts. It also came with Deltas. I think the cranks and deltas have the century finish but I am not 100% sure. I will let the pictures do the talking. But any insight at all would be appreciated.


I got nuthin to offer constructively… except it looks hot(cool) man. Nice pickup!

It’s definitely a colnago alright.

haha yeh that’s about all I know!

C94? That would be consistent with the ergoshifrt + delta group.

Ask user toff at

I think/99% sure it is a 1989 Colnago Super:)

it is almost exactly the same as this one pictured, which is an 89 super. It even has a similar paintjob:)

Now to begin with the build:)

For Sale: Colnago Super SL road bike - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

nice detective work =D

Thanks:) you don’t happen to have a 3.5mm Allen key do you?

sure an imperial wont do the job?

maybe. according to Wikipedia a 9/64 allen key = 3.57mm

close enough right?

as long as its ‘snug’ so it wont round off you should be fine, give it a clean first, just in case the debris is making it tighter then it should. Then spray some WD40 to losen the bolts up a bit.

super find…congrats!

so if I was to run a modern groupset like Veloce, what do I do about the bottom bracket? I’m guessing I take the old one out and the veloce groupset comes with this. I know nothing about whatever it is…

does that replace my bottom bracket? and will it work with an old frame, like the Colnago?

after learning pretty much everything about building up a tarck bike, I know enter the world of road bikes.

I am a noob again:(

That’s an external/outboard bb. The bearings are housed in those external ‘cups’ which sit outside of the BB shell. Should work as long as the threads match (ie English) and the spindle length is ok. However i’d still run a traditional bb on that frame. Other than that I’d be all for a modern group set.

Easy swap over and far easier to install than a sealed cartridge BB (given you have the correct tool). No need to worry about spindle length as a road bike will never have a “perfect” chain line, and the spindle is part of the drive side crank.

But remember, it’s going to have an Italian threaded BB… Make sure you get the right cups.

Is the group original? If so it can’t be an 89. The super was a low end model and I think your’s is a either a higher end or later model or both.

I think it fits somewhere between these 2…

This is an 88 super:

This is a C94 (not original fork though)… with the rear brake cable entering the bottom of the top tube, not the top.

hmm thanks for the investigating :slight_smile: maybe spirito will know?


I don’t think the group is original. I think the cranks, Deltas and Headset are original, as they have the century finish. They where part of the 91 Record group set. But then the owner may of upgraded to Ergos, replacing the front and rear derailurs, as well as the levers. So that makes the frame pre 1991 or earlier?