Help in identifying Era and maker?

Hello to everybody who chooses to read this. I don’t often use these forums, however I’m definitely not new to the bike world, been around bikes for 35 years or so. Thanks for registering me to whoever did that. Not sure if I’m even in the correct “topic/column” for this but…

I have here a Hoffy badged track frame. I say badged because it has absolutely no serial number or stampings of any kind on the frame or forks. Usually Eric would stamp his ID and HOFFY on the BB. However none to be seen and no identifiable areas where anything looks like its been removed. I am guaranteed that it’s a custom bike(being a track frame) also the 52cm seat tube and 56cm top tube clearly isn’t off the shelf standard.

If anybody has any idea judging by the lugs and shape of tubing (stays) or any other method I would be all ears to indentify this frame. It has Campagnolo dropouts both front and rear and what looks like Nervex lugs. Any other information I can give just ask.

Not sure how well one image is going to help, however as a new user I’m only allowed one.20200221_180730

Looks a bit Holdsworth from where I’m sitting, but I’m neither a Holdsworth expert, nor a Hoffy/Hendren expert. However, I would have thought a Holdsworth would have a serial number. Would need to see some of the details to get a better idea.

Would take a guess at late 70’s looking at those head tube lugs.

Yeah- the fact is has no stampings at all is relatively odd. I’ve never seen that before, which makes the story of the frame even more interesting. Who goes to the effort of making a custom built frame but chooses not to sign it? Were the campagnolo dropouts specific with a certain era? I was reading that they started using Campag dropouts on Australian frames as early as 53? It’s not repainted unless someone totally stripped it first and prepped it well. I can’t upload more pictures so i might replace the current one with another

welcome @Walkstall, i can’t help with identifying but you can use or or for pic hosting, just do an album and post the link :slight_smile: