Help me identify this frame

Walked past this old girl in hard trash, and couldn’t say no, upon a bit of research it is much older than I originally thought. Anyone with any ideas? Or can point me in the right direction to get more info on this girl? Or is she actually just hard trash?

Yes, it’s a Malvern Star. Any ideas on: Year, Originial setup ect…

my guess is an old old malvern star

Unfortunately, some brands like Malvern Star’s serial numbers are meaningless and no records exist to correlate these numbers to the manufacture date or anything else of interest.

Try this thread here: Malvern Star Serial Number Register

There is alot of chat in there and Warren has a more detailed list of what malvern star serial numbers refer to

edit: beaten to it

The BNA Malvern Star nerds would be your best bet:

I can identify and verify it as a frame that should have been left in the garbage pile.

Looks like a cast headtube, bottom of the range ladies roadstar from the 60s, possibly single speed coaster brake since it doesn’t look like the fork is drilled, and you haven’t given a good picture of the rear brake bridge - might only be setup to hold the fender.

I think the crank and chainring that is on it, belongs on it. Would have had a chainguard and fenders.

yeah, was hoping for crabon, but whatevs.