help mee


i managed to strip the extractor threads on my drive side sugino 75’s today.

so i was wondering whether anyone local would be keen to help me get them off?

im quite broke at the moment plus im only 17 so i dont have access to many tools

hopefully someone has one of those gear pullers or harmonic balance pullers or something like that?

or maybe other hints to what i can do to get them off?

i will probably be trying the ride around with the crank bolt out tomorrow , but ive tried that before and it didnt seem to work

so if any one can offer me help let me know :slight_smile:


You could rock up to an auto mechanic and see if they can fish out a two arm gear puller for you, but depending on the shape of your crank you might struggle to get a grip.

wouldn’t really recommend riding around without the crank bolt because you’ll risk damaging the crank further.

consider trying this

full face

Sometimes it is just their time to go. I have tried a gear puller before after all sorts of sh*t, ended up bending the spider arms, I was careful and even had a crude backing plate at the base of the arms (if you attach the puller to the chainring holes or edge of the spider you will bend the tabs for sure). I finally had a gutfull and got nasty, ground out a big slot between spider arms and bashed it off. These were old 105 cranks though, likely to be made from a poorer and softer alloy (more likely to bend and bind) than your 75’s.

Would a 3-arm crank puller be better because it spreads the load better? Apart from that, a couple of flat steel plates maybe 3mm thick shaped to fit behind the arms as close to the centre as possible would be the most careful you could be.

I wouldn’t give up on it - plan to have someone put a thread insert in for you, and for it to cost $30 or so. The kit to put it in would be several times that, and you’ll hopefully never need it again.

I’m sure most people learn by breaking things - I know I have! I have done this by mis-threading the removal tool in, and by trying to remove the crank without taking the bolt out first. Doh!

hey wqlava1
what do you mean by getting someone to put a thread insert?

and by riding without the crank bolt, how could that damage the cranks more?

im yet to try anything yet cuz ive been fairly busy

but thanks for all the replys :slight_smile:

I tihnk he means to get someone to insert a heli coil into the crank when you get it off; it’s a steel thread that is tapped into the crank to replace the stripped thread. they work pretty well

Putting torque on a loose square taper rounds it off. Once it rounds off it’s terminal and time for a crank replacement. People complain how square taper is shit because they didn’t check for loosening, rounded the taper once and subsequent tightening results in a short term grip which quickly loosens, they tighten more and something cracks.

A three arm crank puller wont be able to grab the crank itself, you’d prob have to grab the chainring which will promptly bend and piss you off even more.