Help please on roadie!


Just wondering if anyone knows if i can fit a Sram cassette onto a set of wheels i am thinking of getting stating ‘shimano compatible’.


Yes you can. No probs there.

It depends on the wheels.

If the freehub is specifically for 10sp Shimano cassettes with the deeper splines then probably not. If the freehub is for the ‘regular’ Shimano 8/9/10sp cassettes then the answer is yes.

What wheels are they?

yes unless the hub is a 7800 dura ace

Cheers! Yes, it seems that is a (now pretty much defunct) Shimano 10 speed specific system in addition to the Shimano 8/9/10. Well, you learn something new every day.

Not entirely. Some manufacturers (notably Easton) make wheels that come with either Campag, Shimano 10sp or Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10sp cassette bodies. It’s not just a case of DA7800 or not.


the wheels just state they are zipp 404’s shimano.

they didn’t say specifically for 10sp Shimano cassettes.

might have to do an email!

Hermes, I gotta see this new beast.

hahahaha, in time my friend in time…

just sourcing out some lighter wheels!!!

and finding out some info before doing anything!

yes that is true

so i found these wheels on gumtree, is it a safe place to shop?

and judging by the price its a bit cheap for 404’s…800 pesos!

Gumtree = bad…

personal experience or have u heard of bad stories?

OK. I reckon chances are it’ll be fine for SRAM.

But don’t blame me if they’re not :slight_smile:

not going to blame anyone, just gathering information before i act on something.

the thing i love about this forum is that everyone is so helpful :smiley: