Help plz: Pickup of kiddy trailer

Hi guyz,
I just won a kiddy trailer on ebay, located in Pearce. What are the chances that one of you lovely folk could pick it up and hold it until I can get down to collect? Anyone relatively nearby that has a bit of space in the garage?


I can do the pickup, the only thing I can’t do is the space thing #homeless

Actually - I can probably store it at my work.

Dudebro, I will repay you with paleo IPAs and Westcoastpete dickpics.

I will be in touch. If hanging onto it is a major hassle I have friends in Watson who have a garage, could probably swing some space there.

You know how much I love rum.

Found this pic of you from the annual ute muster.

Just deliver it to him. Jono’s so far out in the 'burbs it’s probably like a ten minute ride away.

Holy shit… the funny thing is these guys actually live in Canberra down the road from where I am living now. Big “Brindy Boys” stickers on the sides of their utes.

Looks like a lovely guy who would say yes to refugees and support gay marriage.

TC: I would love to go to a ute muster

Might actually be true eh. Best not to judge.

how much do you love lee kernaghan on a scale of 1 to charleville?

used to see a sweet countrytruckbro ute on Arden st all the time, bright red, caterpillar mudflaps, big ariel etc, and in massive letters on the side “VEGETARIAN”

Or Peter siddle, looks like a bit of a dropkick actually XVX

did look wrong when I typed it.

have this disney lol to make up for it.

lol indeed

I got space to hold if the office is a no go, Ezy. But I won’t be going to Pearce to pick up… No… You can bring it to belco and we can ride?

Speaking of utes, I just noticed this