Help posting pics

Need some assistance, have used similar setup on other sites for posting pics to the gallery and then linking to the image in the forum message.

in the photo’s section here I can’t for the life of me find where to register for the galery login so that I can post a pic??



Can someone tell us all how to put pics in a thread.

I’ve finally got round to taking some of the Hoffy and want to post them!


The short answer is, you can’t register for the gallery.

If you want to post pics in threads you can host the pics externally and link to them, or you can send them to me (or Primz) and I can put them in the gallery for you.

That’s my understanding so if I’m wrong I expect Primz will be correcting me soon.

What is the best (easiest) way to do this, and how do you link them in?

To host the pics you would have to either put them in some webspace provided by your ISP or maybe some other service like

Or, just send me the pics and I’ll put them in the gallery - which is probably a better way. Otherwise, if something happens to the hosting, or you chagne ISPs or something, then the pics will disappear from your posts.

I’m happy to put people’s pics in the gallery.