Help- Suntour XC compatible freewheel cassette 7 speed indexed??

I’ve got a Rocky Mountain Hammer with Suntour XC. It’s a great classic bike but the thread-on cassette is starting to go- some of the teeth are breaking off.
So my question is where can I get a replacement. It doesn’t need to be NOS Suntour stuff unless that’s the only option. And I don’t really want to spend $$ either since it’s an old bike.
Would a Shimano 7-speed indexed thread-on cassette work? I’m concerned that Suntour XC might have some unique indexed spacings or something…

And if anyone has something that might work, please PM me!

I’m a bit out of my depth when it comes to obsolete MTB components… :slight_smile:


I remembered reading something about this on Sheldon Brown ages back.
See if this helps for starters.
Traditional Thread-on Freewheels

Though I’m sure Bike Forums will have your answer.

Incomex has what you need, no jokes bro.

Also, that thing is a beast! Come out on the trail one day bro!

I don’t work in a bike shop.
It is a beast, I enjoy commuting on it.

You don’t have to work in a bike shop to know that bicycle parts wholesale has something that you can order through your local bike shop dude.
I don’t work in a bike shop, but I spend enough time in them to know who distributes what.

yes but horatio refuses to deal with bike shops. “online shopping is the future maaaaaannnnn…”
(at one point i thought wiggle was paying him to endorse them :p)

Well in that case, all hope is lost.
I’ll trade you a beer or a fuji track pro for it.

But you haven’t actually answered my question - what the hell am I ordering?? :slight_smile:

I’ve got nothing against the LBS- but I’d rather replace my own freewheel thanks

Blakey where are you when I need you mate?

just grab a wheel with a shimano cassette and try it. the spacing between 7,8,9 is the same. I’m running a 9 speed cassette on old deore xt 7 speed derailleur and it shifts 8 speeds fine

PBK can’t help you either I’m afraid… I have a Suntour Freewheel Remover if you want to borrow it though.

Try here? Though you need screw on right?
Suntour XC Pro MD 7sp Cass - Suntour - Euro-Asia Imports

Might be worth trying here too, though the website is a bitch to navigate.

Thanks nexus, yes it’s a thread on cassette with a 2-prong (rather than the more common 4) remover tool required I think.
I’ll measure the spacing between the cogs and see whether I can use an 8 or 9 speed. Cheers

yeah, there are plenty of suntour 7 speed freewheels that you can grab online… us ebay is a place to start. IRD make one (I have a 13 - 28 in a box that you can have) that is ok, but some fail, like most things. And as far as I know, a 7 speed suntour indexed shifter will index fine to a shimano (or any other) 7 speed freewheel. Actually, I’m not sure if suntour made an ultra 7 speed system, but stay away from anything ultra and you should be ok. Make sure you dont get a large cog that your derailleur can’t handle, though. Lots of older atb derailleurs wont take a 32. An XC pro will only take a 28, for example.

Here’s something that will float your boat / Bicycle Parts at discount prices - Bicycle Parts at discount prices / the Buyer’s Guide / Bicycle Parts at their finest! / Professional Bicycle Source / Bike Pro

Just saw the other posts… two points that I am unsure of at the mo:

  1. Are you wanting to use friction or indexed shifting?
  2. Are you talking about a screw on freewheel or cassette? I assumed freewheel in my above post and judging by the removal tool, it sounds like it. If its a freewheel, just grab another 7 sp freewheel with the above recommendations in mind. If its a cassette body that has a thread on the outer at the end I’d just replace the whole wheel with a nice 8speed cassette and if switch your shifter to friction.

Thanks JP good info!