Help this dude!

His bike is being sabotaged!!!

COLNAGO PRIMA WITH CAMPAGNOLO, DURA ACE, MAVIC & ZIPP. - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 06-Sep-10 19:41:07 AEST)

The stress seems to be affecting his spelling and grammar.

That’s too funny :smiley:
I feel sorry for that bike!

Wow, that was hilarious!

This was his responce to a buy it now price.

hey, how ya going? nice to see you interesting in the bike, BIN for this one is 3500$, it is real for all these equipment, the frame cost already 1500$, but for you Mark, I can reduce the BIN for exactly the same as when I bought it 3000$ only. Hope you consider.
Thanks for looking
Kind Regard

Clearly English is his second language and whilst the copy is dripping and goes on far too long I found it fun to read (even if beyond ambitious).

I’ve seen people born with English as they’re mother tongue who can’t spell much better. That’s more outrageous. How many times must I read “sort after”? I’ve had Americans email me and ask what is it with Aussie ebayers and their spelling? That says a lot when we are being dammed by Americans.

odd listing, its stolen perhaps?

He speaks as though he learnt English from viewing anglo pop-culture. Not that that’s a criticism in any way.
I find it much more comical if you take him at his word: “Accept the shifters!”, “boomproof”.
And yeh, “breaks” is another word that Australian ebayers love to misspell.

quote by the dude: I name it UFO because the funny sound ejected from it when riding. Wheel comes with colnago stickers to suit the bike!

hahahhaha i am on the floor!!!

Too much detail, and too personal to be stolen.

Just to get a point across I’ve thrown that into an online translator (English to Chinese) and then translated the text back to English and it gave me …

He speaks, probably he learned from to observe English’s pop culture English. Not that’ s criticism in any situation.

And for even more English to Japanese and back to English …

He speaks as him England of viewing plunk learned English from ringing and others culture. That’ which is not; How the criticism of s.a.

A lot of people rely on such tools to write, for many reasons … if it sounds funny it’s simple because something is gained in translation. It’s just language … any of us would sound just as wack trying to communicate in a language other than English.

Nice parts, shame he took it to the Industry store to build it…

i love how people with terrible grammar criticise other people, whose first language obviously isn’t english…

so many lolz

I want to find out more about this “Maniac”