Help with Handlebars

Hey chaps,
I know everyone hates FGFS :wink: but i am wondering if anyone could recommend some riser bars for my commuter. Ideally i want something similar to the SKYLMT skyscraper bars, i don’t know where to look, they need to be bmx stem friendly also !

Thanks !

Hey man here are some high rise bars from iminusd im pretty sure they ship to australia,
fgfs isnt to big here so its hard getting parts local but id email gear brisbane their wicked guys and super helpful.

BreakBrake17 Bars - iMiNUSD

Leader Neighborhood - iMiNUSD

Look at either a set of DMR Wingbars - they come with a shim from 22.2mm to 25.4mm
DMR Wingbars cro-mo

NS Bikes District bars
(I had a set of these on my Capital24 before I sold it and have a set on my Suburban Park)

Or maybe a set of Fire Eye bars

cheers for that sam, i checked out iminusd and gear, i did end up ordering some BB17 riser bars, from spoke culture in WA, they do free shipping so no complaints and super helpful ! i was thinking about that larfinboy but for some reason i was being a brand snob and want to run a fixed companies product. i was looking at some blkmrkt bars and i also have some ns districts on my majesty and while they are good i like to mix it up :slight_smile: thanks though chaps !