…me keep an eye out for a project frame, 57cm to 59cm frame…something with dedicated track mounts…I have a plan brewing!

There’s a pair of vintage custom made 58/58cm frames hidden under the stairs at Bicycle Revolution in Bris, track ends, very ornate lugs, locally built in the 50’s perhaps. Expect to pay up to $100 each for them to let them go. Given a new paint job they would be incredible.

Thanks Blakey…I am up in Birsbane from this Sunday onwards. So I dare say I will meet you all next Saturday for the ride…cheers.

$50 for a project frame sounds good…

Where is this shop, and how hard will it be to find the frame in the store?

294 Montague Rd
West End Qld 4101

Answered my own question…

You’ll have to ask to see them, the two of them are currently under the stairs, but to get to them you have to go under the house, then pick your way carefully over a heap of bikes and frames.

To get a quick look just walk down the stairs and look through them, the frames are blue/rust coloured, track ends, ornate lugs.

Last time I asked they wanted around $100 each for them as they were a pair of custom frames built in Brisbane.

I/someone else can take you to revolution after the ride.


I wonder whatever happened to these two frames??

Yeh , it was only 4 years ago

^ Aren’t you in the least bit intrigued?

Well I know Rhino is in Europe racing under the Ay-Up banner.
I never saw him with either of the frames in question.