Herald Sun - Good news for cyclists

Cars pay rego for: The amount of pollution they cause (bicycles 0), The amount of cylinders you have (bicycles - 0), and the amount of damage you cause to the road, which is again, zero. 90% of road funds come out of tax, and if you’re riding a twelve thousand dollar bike, you’re paying your fair share of tax.
If you’re looking for someone to hate, your own ignorance is a great place to start. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it stupid, have you ever thought of that? Here’s another tip. If you’re fed up with cyclists holding you up for 20 seconds on your journey, utilise the important life-skill of time management, and leave your house a little bit earlier. With all this excess energy of having no-one but yourself to blame for you meaningless existence, you might be able to start exercising yourself! Bicycles are great exercise.

We’ll see if I get published! Probably not.

i pay rego, on my car, but i ride my bike more than i ride my car anyway, so i’m paying just as much as other people in cars are.


im gonna have a drink for every comment on this thread ive heard a thousand times

You’ll be spending a lot of time in the toilet then.

Fuck the Herald Sun and fuck the council for trying something different, yeah rage against the machine man!

I’m with Shortsie in that nothing new is being said here.

Sorry if the title was too vague for some, I was busy at work and thought that a few people who wouldn’t otherwise have read the article might get a chance to do so.

I don’t know the exact details of the plan, I am not a town planner, and I haven’t read the policy briefing.

I do think it’s amazing that what appears to be a positive move for cyclists (and hopefully everyone) raises nothing but negative comments about Herald Sun readers, and essentially the Herald Sun. I understand that some idiots make stupid and aggressive comments, but that wasn’t why I posted this article.

It seems to me that way too many people focus on the negative, not the positive, and this doesn’t help cyclists as a collective at all. Further more, the comments made on this forum are boring, predictable and immature. Try being constructive about it instead of cutting things down straight away and responding with ill-though and lazy responses.

You know what?

We have the same thing every few months.