Herald Sun Tour 2014

Interesting course for the Prologue. Most of it must be on the footpath. St Kilda Rd is a bridge over Alexandra Avenue so you can’t be on the road and turn right off St Kilda Rd.

Don’t they know there’s a 10km/h speed limit along Southbank.

Might have to get a head start and get a Strava segment going :slight_smile:

Unless I’ve got it totally wrong, in which case avymetal is gonna give me another oratiohhhh award.

Jayco Herald Sun Tour 2014: Preview, Route Maps & Results | Cyclingnews.com

Race Timetable | Race Information | Herald Sun Tour 2014 | February 5-9 2014

I didn’t realise they were going to go along Southbank like that. Awesome.

They do manage to hold a Grand Prix around Albert Park without ticketing any drivers, you know!

They should use the bike share bikes

Don’t you mean left off St Kilda Rd?

yeah :slight_smile:

There’s a Grand Prix?

Really? Lewis Hamilton has his car impounded by Aussie cops for burnout stunt - 3am & Mirror Online

The prologue will be individual riders leaving at timed intervals I presume, which means it’ll be a great little circuit for spectating. They could do it alleycat style though; get the riders to pile their bikes on the lawn, give them a count down and let them scramble en masse.

The first stage will be great, a 2.5km tt in the city on a Wednesday night.
It’s a shame the next two stages are point to pint and won’t be very spectator friendly,
Stage four is in the middle if no where but 5 will be great.

Point to pint? So they have to finish at a pub then skull a schooner? Awesome.

Anyone going down for a look, then? Riders start around 6.45. Might try and prop near Princes Bridge, I think.

heading down to see the action. Hoping to see some flyers on what is a remarkably short and technical course.

Yeah, I’ll be on the bridge too getting a double view.

Just saw this - you can get yourself a cow bell at the Amy Gillett Foundation marquee…

The AGF will be at Federation Square where you can come passed and sign the ‪#‎ametrematters‬ petition, pick up some stickers and even make a donation towards improving the safety of cycling in Australia.
As a special treat from Subaru, for a gold coin donation you’ll be able to grab one of these great cow bells to help you cheer all the riders! Just visit the AGF marquee.


heh! I did say hello back!

Ended up around at the hairpin at the most eastern point of the circuit, then moved around to that mental chicane on the bike path where the really committed riders were bunny-hopping the manhole cover.

Picked up a good spot on the bridge and snagged some shots.
The Garmin Sharp POC aero helmets… they’re different.

Jayco Herald Sun Tour - a set on Flickr

^ cool shots.

I was stoked on the course, so rad to have something so different in that precinct. Passers by seemed genuinely stoked on it too even though it slightly impeded their route.

I liked this image on instagram by @timcg16 from the Bridge over the Yarra to Southbank.

Agree 100%
Most folks seem to be pretty jazzed to see something like that in town. The media-hyped bike-hate was absent as well which I was pleased with. Really nice spot for it really - from a spectator POV.
Also great to see Will Clarke throw down another good ride.

kinda bummed i didn’t plan things differently and get along to this before heading to a gig. looked rad, and that pic sime posted is great.