Herald Sun Tour

As I gleefully avoided the worst of the rain on the commute this morning I thought it was worth sparing a thought for the Herald Sun Tour riders - good 2 page comprehensive write up in the Herald Sun this morning reporting on the stage yesterday - 5 riders in hospital already and many crashes in the wet conditions. Must suck to race on days like that.

Anyone following the coverage on TV?


The Tour organisers couldn’t have chosen a more cold, wet and god forsaken place in the state.

No, because I’m stupid and recorded the HD stream not the SD stream.

Wade from cyclingtips is tweeting up a storm as he rides in the Rapha-Condor team car.

yeah, yesterday’s conditions looked brutal.

missed it last night, but watched the two nights previous. some damn good racing. jono cantwell looks pretty damn good, but i reckon wiggo may well get up in the TT.

yesterday looked like a hard day at the office, with more of the same today. i don’t envy those blokes, that’s for sure.

it has also made the herald sun worth buying this last week…

i’ll see you all on lygon st this saturday?

I’ll be there, <plug>come past the 12% booth and buy a t shirt</plug>


wiggo smashed the TT.
and garmin pretty much ended the race
I’ll still go for a look tomorrow

huge ride by wiggo on the tt should be a good place for jackbobrigde to learn more about TT at garmin as they have some great TT specialists

The main race doesn’t start until 5:15 tonight!? Wet roads at dusk should make it interesting…

Should be awesome!

Heading down there pretty soon… Looks like an iffy day… Should be RADD

Predictable result, but good race yesterday.

Anyone else follow Wiggo on Twitter? Perhaps you can explain these tweets, here are his last three.

Woopty bloody doo, Lemons hanging from a tree, some journo’s?? - Oct 16th

Heading to Melbourne head fucked about stuff, death causes so much shit in people’s lives - Oct 16th

And I have a bloody yellow jersey to defend! where’s the airport? - Oct 16th

Some of his interviews were pretty bad too. Perhaps he has had a death in the family?