Here we go again...

Do cyclists need to be licensed? Cast your vote here:

VECCI = bunch of right wing, conservative, business fuckwits.

  • billions.

Who needs a licence?
These morron’s parents. A licence to breed that is.


Go here and tell these journalistic (and I use the term very fucking loosely) fuckwits that they’re the ones stirring up these morons with their continual beat up of cyclists. It’s more than likely that they’re one of the causes of incidents like this. Post often!

morons <- maroon
These people don’t care that we already pay for roads and repairs out of general revenue, ie income tax and rates. Every time you roll past cars backed up in traffic, they be hatin’. Every time you smash a red or a communter dribbles one, they be hatin’. Every time they pay $600 rego for the priviledge of owning a motor vehicle, they be hatin’. What’s the point. VECCI don’t make nearly as much from bike sales as they do from leeching off the car industry. In their eyes, cyclists upset their cash-cows and turn their milk sour.

Where’s the ELF when you need them.

at least - going by most of the comments on the site - the majority of people seem to have the right idea.

People usually wait at least a few minutes before calling me a fuckwit

i read this in the hun the other day and now have read it online, and i’m having trouble understanding why this guy, and the organisation he is representing, have any relevance to any debate that might surround registering bicycles. any ideas? (aside from A.4’s note about them being car industry lackeys)

Sounds like a media beat up to me, I can’t see them ever doing it.